Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Suffering & The Thames Path

It was a frustrating decision not to continue this morning.  After a lovely night spent with Stella and Eugene (Bee's brother and wife) in High Wycombe, I had set an early alarm to get up and see if I could manage to plod around the block to test out my left calf.  Unfortunately the answer was no; walking was painful, let alone running!  So there was my answer; adventure over!

The last 4 days have been great fun.  Well, yesterday less so; having to stop running in a random village, somewhere you don't know, with minimal phone signal and certainly no 3G, by yourself in the rain... not fun!  Fortunately I managed to call Tom to work out where to catch a bus.  I'll re-phrase that!  Day 1-3 have been good fun anyway!

This challenge was always going to be tough.  7 marathons in 7 days?? Ha!  I've enjoyed parts of the trip.  I actually have enjoyed the running, although not the slipping and sliding on mud.  Mostly the aching has been tolerable, and blisters haven't been too bad.

I was really looking forward to the later days, running past Eton, and running through London.  I was also looking forward to finally getting to meet Doug from Orchid, the charity I've been fundraising for.  Unfortunately this one is over for me, but I'm really glad that Bee is continuing on to London, and Pippa will be coming back for the final day as well.

98.4 miles in 3.5 days... that will do for now!

Now to rest and recover.

Looks simple!
Day 1; an early start in Sheffield with Pippa.
Day 1; the source of the Thames

How far???
Day 1; it's raining in Cricklade!
Day 2; starting off in Lechlade with special guest Duncan!

Duncan even stopped to take pics of bridges!  Tadpole bridge.
Day 2; Phew!  It's lunch time!

Day 2; Eynsham Lock at 25 miles, feeling tired!
Day 3; saying goodbye to Pippa after another 29.5miles!
Day 4; Hello Bee!  New company :)
Day 5; Bee goes solo!  Outside Windsor Castle

Day 5; heading home, broken.  Hard not to smile at this though :)
I'll finish quickly by telling you all about Orchid again (in case you've forgotten... sorry!).  Orchid are a cancer charity focusing on male cancers; testicular, penile and prostate.  But I'm a girl; why am I supporting them??  I'm supporting Orchid because last year my Dad had metastatic testicular cancer.  Fortunately he received quick and effective treatment (both surgery and chemotherapy), and is currently doing very well.

Orchid help people like my Dad in a few different ways.  Firstly they offer support services to people like my Dad and their families, providing information and support.  Secondly they aim to increase awareness, running education and awareness campaigns.  If caught early testicular cancer has a significantly better outcome; so "check your chaps".   Thirdly Orchid funds a world-class research programme into male cancers.

I know so many of you have already sponsored me; thank you so so much!  It means so much to raise such a large amount of money for Orchid.  If you have a few pounds to spare and would like to sponsor me you can do so at  Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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